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Mike "The Impact Kid" Verona vs Logan King w/ Adam Starr

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Author Topic: Mike "The Impact Kid" Verona vs Logan King w/ Adam Starr  (Read 127 times)
Drake Daniels
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« on: February 02, 2008, 06:33:36 pm »

Best 2 rps Count
Deadline Friday Midnight eastern time
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« Reply #1 on: February 08, 2008, 09:55:08 pm »

-- Sorry for pulling this out so close to the deadline, but I have been dealing with PC trouble --

..::I could go in to some self-medicated spiel about why Iím the greatest thing to ever grace your eyes. But then Iíd be DAZZíING my accomplishments, and there is hardly any space for that. I could continue the story thatís been started, take you back along the path leading towards the future, but itíd leave you with little familiarity of who or what I am. You know me for only what you see, or what you hear. You can pretend that you understand who I am, or that your opinions arenít based on false assumptions.::..

..::But either way Iíd have to actually give a **** about your opinion. Iíd have to care if you liked me or not. Do I consider any of you faggots enough of a friend to share my life story with you? Or to fill you in on how I feel at this exact moment? No, and I donít plan on doing it. Youíre going to hate regardless, and Iíve become well passed acceptance. I love the hate; itís the fuel that keeps this massive train churning along the winding road.
Either you get the **** out of the way or get run over. That balls in your court.::..
..::With everything thatís gone on in my wrestling tenure, Iíd be foolish to say this moment isnít the most important. This is where Iím supposed to prove my worth for itís final time. As they say, itís time to quit relying on my name.::..
..::I dig that, I see what theyíre saying. But then I see cats like Logan and his personal ass whippier Starr for the ghostwriting faggots they truly are. Whoever wrote your cue cards this time; they deserve to stand in that ring, not you. This is supposed to be a magical journey for you, Iím sure Disney will pick up the script. Youíre nothing more than a G-rated script anyways. You lack substance, and youíre a **** cartoon for sure.::..
..::Iím supposed to respect you, right? Always respect those who your about to do battle with, I can feel that. But I wonít oblige. You didnít do **** to earn my respect. Thereís few guys that can sit back and say they molded this sport in to what it is; and you werenít one of them.::..
..::Fortunately, the clay is still stuck to my fingers, exposing the work I put in to bring about change. Changing everything from that old school style you still rock, and died out years ago. Iíve brought that new fire that leaves you speechless. I molded you in to what you are, but ďthank youísĒ arenít in order.::..
..::But then again, youíre rungs up from the best this place has to offer; Sad as it is to say.::..
..::Pick up another hobby, wrestling isnít for you::..
..::Youíll always be a **** nobody, living in the overexposure you donít deserve. Venture in to the real world and watch the taste get beat out of you mouthÖ every **** time.::..
..::What legacy are you trying to start bro? Youíre **** sour and grasping at every excuse possible. Is it my fault you poorly planned you time here in TEWF? Hell you didnít even take the time to call me out! But Iím sure you could taste that loss before it happened. Itís a **** pungent aroma Logan, you smelt that miles before it hit your ****-infested nostrils.::..
..::You can only pretend for so long before youíre exposed for the fake **** you truly are. IĎm looking forward in leaving you at the bottom of the food chain. Iím gonna enjoy you watching me as I become what you always lusted for. Youíre push was from me ****; I put you where you are today. Iím giving you the spotlight, your bond to drop it!::..
..::This isnít some **** book you can read and imitate. This isnít philosophy 101, teaching you to follow the thoughts of others. Hell resite the bible it still isnít gonna help yea!::..
..::Itís ok bro, you can cry now ****.::..
..::Too bad you homosexuals think youíre decent. Thereís going to be one hell of an ego busting done at Impact. Ah well, just another couple of faggots to flatten and lay my claim as the greatest ever.::..
..::Or did you all forget that when I tried I was ten times better than you all ever could be.::..
..::Back on the short bus, retards.::..
..::**** off.::.

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